What is Kombucha? - Norbucha – Kombucha for Norge.
Norbucha produces a light, probiotic Kombucha - a Green Tea Lemonade with fresh berries and herbs. Brewed and distributed to selected locations in Oslo, Norway. Kombucha for Norge.
Kombucha, Oslo, Norge, Norway
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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha Origins


Nobody knows where the word “Kombucha” came from, it somehow sprung in existence in the early 90s. The drink it is referring to has been around for about 5.000 years though, and is produced by fermenting tea with a special culture consisting of bacteria and yeast.


According to Qin dynasty records, it has been called “Divine Che” (Divine Tea) and was highly valued as an “energizing” and “detoxifying” drink. It quickly spread to Japan and Russia, although its real boom started in California only a few years ago.


It has always been a locally-brewed beverage, due to his unique properties and live, probiotic cultures.

What is it made of?


We set out in making a light-tasting, natural lemonade, with fresh ingredients. We use organic Black and Green Tea, and let it ferment with added sugar and our special cultures.


The sugar is used by the culture to produce acidity in yeast, and is mostly used up, it also produces traces of Alcohol (less than 1%). Fresh fruits / berries / herbs are then added, according to the desired flavor.


Kombucha is also probiotic and can be beneficial for your gut health, like eating yogurt. Although we believe in that from our own experience, we do not want to market it as a miracle drink, nor do we want to spread pseudoscience. Just get it because you like it! :)


Right now we focus on two flavors, but we will add more in the future.

Why should i drink it?


It tastes good!

Seriously, that is the most important reason. A naturally carbonated lemonade, only natural flavors, mixed with best quality, organic green and black teas and a yeasty aftertaste.


It’s always fitting.

Ever been out with friends and didn’t want to drink anything with alcohol, but you didn’t like a soft drink / water either? In the past there were few alternatives besides an alcohol-free beer. Our alternative fits nicely in any environment where Wine or Beer are served.


It’s made with love.

Every single bottle is hand-produced in Oslo, only for Oslo, and delivered with electric bicycles, minimizing our footprint. We are there for you, and if you have any questions / suggestions we are always happy to hear from you.