WordPress WPML / PolyLang Expert wanted - Norbucha – Kombucha for Norge.
Norbucha produces a light, probiotic Kombucha - a Green Tea Lemonade with fresh berries and herbs. Brewed and distributed to selected locations in Oslo, Norway. Kombucha for Norge.
Kombucha, Oslo, Norge, Norway
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14 Jul WordPress WPML / PolyLang Expert wanted

(Man, that headline font REALLY doesn’t work here :P )

Hey there!

Searching for a WPML / PolyLang Expert. I find it hard integrating Multilanguage functionality into the site. After all, i am just a creative concept guy.

Any Wiz here who can help me integrate it in exchange for services?

I can make you some new business cards, a logo, or help you out with your website (the creative part). Or just look here and pick something you like:


All the best :-)

Team Norbucha